Customer developments


Clever customers have recognized that the previous procedure for planning their private finances do not afford an adequate base to achieve security as well as yield and control optimization. It gets clear that for customers the market forces are connected to a variety of challenges and complexity.
Intricate connections aren't measured and possible optimizations get missed within an investment trip or an unique investment decision.

Numerous consultants influence their customers with personal targets. The very collection, evaluation and coordination of existing contracts fails. A complete summary is, however, indispensable for recognizing an unsatisfactory risk and assets management. The consequence is endangering the existing assets by missing protections in the risk case and an unsatisfactory assets growth by diversification of the capital investments.

With the help of FinancInvest all data and facts are collected and assets balance sheets created by existing contracts. This makes the integral analysis and then the appraisal of the existing contracts possible for the qualified consultant. The handling of the program is intuitive and timesaving.

The customer receives written and graphic evaluations for his existing assets during the second conversation. The most important consultation bases like availability,
time limits as well as risk classes are shown and it makes them easier to understand.
Since all contracts are entered with the time limits, the long-term customer connection is guaranteed and offers a considerable competitive edge.

Plexpert STLWizard

Plexpert STLWizard is a program built up modularly in the area of synthetic material-splashing technique with various functions for the daily application.
Among other things Plexpert STLWizard contains the visualization of 3D-STL data as well as special rheological calculation results. The loaded STL net can be checked for errors.

Plexpert STLWizard offers extensive possibilities of the repair of 3D-STL data. An automatic function corrects occurring mistakes automatically.

In addition a variety of direct net manipulation possibilities stand for the disposal. Furthermore the component can be checked by numerous measuring functions.

Numerous representation possibilities of the results as well as an extensive report generator are available next to a project manager. Plexpert mail in addition contains an extensive XY plot editor for the display of node-related sensor results.

The program also has the possibility of showing important web pages of the synthetic material industry directly.

The Plexpert STLWizard was developed in form of a joint venture under the management of Thomas Mann GmbH.


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