Product Description

PATRAS is a flexible system to prepare paper rolls at print offices.

Using newspaper printing machines in particular, paper rolls up to 20 km barrel length and 2t weight are printed. These paper rolls have to be prepared before their use in printing units.

The PATRAS system is responsible for handling of these roles.

It takes on the transport, the unpack as well as the gluing preparation.

In this connection the software PATRAS is embedded in a complex management system and takes on a part of control as well as the visualization of the processes.

Range of Applications

Patras is used exclusively by print Offices.

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  • Embedding of the PATRAS system is possible from the delivery of rolls by the hauler to the placement in the printing presses)
  • Scalable from a simple stand-alone system for visualization up to the client server system with hot stand-by backup function
  • Connection to different material transfer systems possible
  • Connection to the manufacturing host computer with online calculation of the demand of rolls via the production data possible
  • Visualization adaptable to local conditions
  • Visualization of the unpacking station
  • Event reporting


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